The Cosmic Twins

Even when watching the band ‘The Cosmic Twins’ perform on a small stage, you’ll have the experience of standing in the middle of a large crowd. Since teenagers, the Danish-born twins, Chris and Alec Andreev, have set out on a mission to share their hard-hitting and life-affirming pop music with the world. Combining their charisma and down to earth approach with their big sound, they invite their audience into their universe, captivating both small and big audiences.

In 2017, Chris and Alec formed The Cosmic Twins. Their artist name originated from a painting dedicated to them at birth. Their father, an American-Bulgarian artist captured the bond of his identical twins in an artwork depicting two baby angels dancing in cosmos whilst reaching for a shooting star. Wanting to express their unique sound and bond, they formed the band ‘The Cosmic Twins’. Benjamin Rozilio, a close friend and music producer, joined the twins as the band’s drummer. Then and now, the trio has always had the same vision: to give their audience a smashing live experience — auditory as well as visual.

So much alike - yet so different

Growing up, the brothers were always able to find joy in their special ‘twin-universe’. Their special bond often fascinated and intrigued outsiders. As mature songwriters and band frontmen, they are able to invite their audience inside their private world.


Whilst listening or watching them perform, you can catch a glimpse of the different, yet similar personalities of Chris and Alec. Chris writes songs with a dreamy and mysterious character, while Alec composes with more sensitivity and depth. Combined, these characteristics creates the unique sound of The Cosmic Twins. They say of their music, “we aim for honest music with portions of hopeful melancholy and explosive, energetic joy.”

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“As identical twins people could not tell us apart – even we had problems recognizing ourselves in photos had it not been for the different color clothes” 

Fast forward to 2018, The Cosmic Twins released their debut EP ‘SAVE ME’. This kick-started a busy year of performing at some of Danmark’s best-known venues and music festivals. Following the tour, the band was headhunted to take part in the 2018 talent show ‘LIVE’, hosted by Denmark’s largest national TV channel DR1 airing during Friday primetime. With Danish rock legend, Sanne Salomonsen as their mentor on the show, they quickly grew into more well-defined artists for the whole nation to see.


Shortly after their appearance on the show, the trio released their first cover ‘Let’s Hurt Tonight’ on Spotify. The song had huge success with over 150,000 streams within a year, being featured on several playlists such as New Music Friday Denmark and Brand New Chill.

Enthusiastic Sanne Salomonsen about The Cosmic Twins on DR1 TV program LIVE

“You really delivered on stage - you´re on my team” 

The Cosmic Twins DR1 TV Sanne Salomonsen

"The Cosmic Twins swept the feet away from under the viewers and Denmark´s rock mama, Sanne Salomonsen".

Music is hope

Their dream has always been the same: to perform and travel the world, sharing their passion and making a difference to people’s lives with their music. “Music just takes us into this other space – a world without responsibilities, fear, blame or worries. It evokes strong emotions and forces you to live in the moment. That’s what we want to share.”


Their music video from 2019 “You´ll Be Just Fine” does just that. The single is about bullying and feeling hopeless – as experienced by kids and teenagers. The band collaborated with several Danish organizations to share the music video with the hope that the video’s message will give some light during dark and difficult times. And tell young people: you are not alone. The video went viral on Facebook and brought the twins across the border to Sweden for a live studio interview. The follow-up single, Amelia, went straight to several Spotify playlists and has so far been their most successful single. The single got a great reception from a popular Danish music critic, KarriereKanonen; “There’s so much energy in this pop song that it is impossible to sit still!” With thumbs up from this leading music site, the song was on heavy rotation on Radio SNR.

Looking ahead

After a busy schedule of playing more than 20 shows in July and August 2019, the band is now in songwriting mode. With only a handful of shows scheduled for the upcoming months, the twins will be focusing on covers and singles for release on Spotify.


“We are looking forward to sharing our new songs in 2020, focusing more on something heartfelt and true than ever before. Hopefully, you will feel that too. Thank you for your fantastic support”


Much love from, 

The Twins

Heavy rotation on Danish radio. A hit with the live audience.
"There is so much energi in this pop song, it´s impossible to sit stil!!!"
Heavy rotation on Danish radio. Great reviews on Karrierekanonen.
The music video went viral on Facebook and triggered a live studio interview in Sweden.
Debut EP - kickstarted a busy performance year all over Denmark and on TV. A hit with the live audience.
The single made heavy rotation on Danish radio and a hit with the live audience.
Performing with Big Fat Snake at
a private birthdayparty.

“They always perform a compelling concert filled with energy. Their great musicality and natural presence, combined with their wonderful attitude, is the essence of The Cosmic Twins!”

 VisitAarhus, Bente Mondrup


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